Çetin Kaya Koç - Teaching


Doctoral Students - Oregon State University

  1. Bertan Bakkaloğlu. Parallel and High-Performance Matrix Function Computations, 1995. (Professor at Arizona State University, Arizona)
  2. Tolga Acar. High-Speed Algorithms and Architectures for Cryptography, 1997. (Research Scientist at Microsoft, Intel)
  3. Berk Sunar. Fast Galois Field Arithmetic for Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Error Control Codes, 1998. (Professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts)
  4. Alper Halbutoğulları. Fast Bit-Level, Word-Level and Parallel Arithmetic in Finite Fields for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems, 1998. (Research Scientist at Groupon, California)
  5. Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez. New Algorithms and Architectures for Arithmetic in GF(2^m) Suitable for Elliptic Curve Cryptography, 2000. (Professor at Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico)
  6. Murat Aydos. Efficient Wireless Security Protocols based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography, 2000. (Professor at Hacettepe University, Turkey)
  7. Erkay Savaş. Implementation Aspects of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, 2000. (Professor at Sabanci University, Turkey)
  8. Serdar Erdem. Improving the Karatsuba-Ofman Multiplication Algorithm for Special Applications, 2001. (Professor at Gebze Institute of Technology, Turkey)
  9. Tuğrul Yanık. New Methods for Finite Field Arithmetic, 2001. (Professor at Celal Bayar University, Turkey)
  10. Adnan Abdul-Aziz Gutub. New Hardware Algorithms and Designs for Montgomery Modular Inverse Computation in Galois Fields GF(p) and GF(2^n), 2002. (Professor at Um Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia)
  11. Lo'ai Tawalbeh. A Novel Unified Algorithm and Hardware Architecture for Integrated Modular Division and Multiplication in GF(p) and GF(2^n) Suitable for Public-Key Cryptography, 2004. (Professor at Um Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia)
  12. Colin van Dyke. Advances in Low-Level Software Protection, 2006. (Independent Consultant and IP Attorney, Oregon)
  13. Gökay Saldamlı. Spectral Modular Arithmetic, 2006. (Research Scientist at Samsung Information Systems, California)
  14. Minho Kim. Cryptanalysis and Enhancement of Authentication Protocols, 2006. (Professor at Air Force Academy, South Korea)
  15. Onur Acıiçmez. Advances in Side-Channel Cryptanalysis: Micro-Architectural Attacks, 2006. (Research Scientist at Yahoo, California)

Master's Students - Oregon State University

  1. Y. Peng. High-Speed Implementations of the RSA Cryptosystem, 1995.
  2. S. Johnson. Hardware Implementations of Modular Multiplication, 1995.
  3. C. K. Sandalcı. Three Dimensional Monte Carlo Simulator, 1996.
  4. J. B. Sessions. Fast Software Implementations of Block Ciphers, 1998.
  5. M. Musa. Improved Montgomery Algorithms using Special Primes, 2000.
  6. E. Turan. ECDSA Optimizations on an ARM Processor, 2001.
  7. H. Tanık. ECDSA Optimizations on an ARM Processor, 2001.
  8. A. W. Montville. Random Number Generation on Handheld Devices, 2003.
  9. S. Almanei. Secure Instant Messaging: The Jabber Protocol, 2003.
  10. U. Banerjee. Hardware Encryption Using the MPC180 Security Co-Processor, 2003.
  11. P. Godbole. Optimizing the AES on Intel's SIMD Architecture, 2004.
  12. O. Acıiçmez. Fast Hashing on Pentium SIMD Architecture, 2004.
  13. C. W. van Dyke. An In-Depth Analysis of Common Software Vulnerabilities, 2004.
  14. W.-C. Yang. Hardware Realization for AES Key Generation, May 2005.
  15. L. Barlow. Symmetric Encryption with Multiple Keys, May 2005.
  16. S. J. Park. Design of Scalable and Unified Modular Multiplication, June 2005.
  17. R. Shamsuddin. A Study of AES Implementations on ARM Processors, June 2005.
  18. Ahmed Al Faresi. Hardware Realization of the OCB Mode, June 2005.

Master's Students - University of Houston

  1. S. N. Arachchige. A Fast Algorithm for Gaussian Elimination over GF(2), 1990.
  2. S. C. Gan. Parallel Matrix Multiplication on Microcomputer Networks, 1990.
  3. C. Y. Hung. Fast Algorithms and VLSI Structures for Modular Multiplication, 1990.
  4. A. Sharma. Solution of Linear Recurrences on Hypercube Multiprocessors, 1990.
  5. B. N. Elkhoury. Prefix Computation on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors, 1990.
  6. R. M. Piedra. Exact Solution of Linear Equations on Multiprocessors, 1990.
  7. P. R. V. Subramaniam. Two Algorithms for Mixed-Radix Conversion, 1990.
  8. X. Qian. Fast Algorithms for Computation of Periodic Continued Fractions, 1991.
  9. L. C. Achour. An Improved Congruence Algorithm, 1991.
  10. B. B. Youssef. New Parallel Algorithms for Chebyshev Polynomials, 1991.
  11. S. K. Gajawada. New Packing Strategies for Convolution, 1991.
  12. S. Kuttalingam. An Integrated Platform for Image Processing, 1991.
  13. M. N. K. Iyengar. A Signal Acquisition and Analysis System, 1991.
  14. B. Bakkaloğlu. Fast and Stable Algorithms for Matrix Sign Functions, 1992.
  15. A. Güvenç. Improving the Performance of the Congruence Technique, 1992.

Master's Students in Turkey

  1. Ö. A. Pamukçu. IPCUBE: Personal Firewall on Linux, Işık University, June 2004.
  2. E. Durak. IPWALL: Gateway Firewall on Linux, Işık University, June 2004.
  3. Ü. Kunter. Risk Scalable and Modular Security Architectures, Işık University, April 2005.
  4. M. Cihan. Key Exchange Methods in Ad Hoc Networks, Işık University, April 2005.

Honors College - Oregon State University

  1. C. W. van Dyke. Implementation of the ECDSA on the Palm Platform, 2001.
  2. M. MacClary. A Design for High Performance Stack Based Multiprocessor, 2004.
  3. A. Mathur. Implementation of the ECDSA over GF(2^k) in Java, June 2005.
  4. R. Stadick. Implementation of the ECDSA over GF(p) in Java, June 2005.

College Creative Studies - University of California Santa Barbara

  1. M. Poppleton. Reversible Cellular Automata, June 2013